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Design of Automated Medication System for Rural & War Affected Areas

The robotic technology can be useful in difficult and hazardous situations where the risk to human lives is high. This project aims to design a robot doctor which provides the first-aid facility to patients in remote locations or hazardous situations such as floods, thunderstorms and war situations.

Impact of Packet Loss on QoE in VOIP Communication

Quality of Experience (QoE) is a measure of a customer’s experiences with a service. This project aims to improve QoE in VOIP communication by minimising the packet loss.

Improving QoS in Mesh wireless network with User Experience Cellular networks provide paid services in a particular area or within a limited area such as a cell range. This research investigates several problems and finds a solution to make the Mesh network more user-driven and helps improve the QoS.
Effects of Packet Delay on QoE in Audio Streaming

Quality of experience is used to conduct the user reviews, perception and observation the products and services. This project aims to measure the effects of packet delay on QoE in audio streaming 

Architectural Antipattern Assister

This project aims to assist software developers by alerting them as soon as an architectural problem is introduced into the system

Study Planner App (SPA)

This app will allow users to schedule their study timetable in an efficient manner. The user sets priorities and the app will come up with a study plan based on the selected subjects.

Restructuring dependable systems using aspects

This project aims at restructuring legacy systems to modular systems and developing a technique with the notion of ‘aspects’ to take care of evolution of dependability requirements

Cloud-based Contact Management System (CBCMS)

CBCMS is an online contact management system that allows users to store their personal and professional contacts in a secure and readily available environment. 

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